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Welcome to the Neighbourhood Pipeline

A new initiative to engage hard-to-reach, priority customers by strengthening community ties and empowering people to help their neighbours and community members stay safe and warm in their homes.

Get involved

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How can you get involved?

To inspire neighbourly action, we’re asking you to pledge your support to help community members who may need extra support by downloading our information pack and passing on information about:

Carbon monoxide & gas safety

How to stay gas and carbon monoxide safe and what to do in an emergency.

Energy efficiency

How to make their homes more energy efficient and cut down their energy bills.

Support available

What they should do if they need additional support.

Priority Services Register

How to sign up for the Priority Services Register.

Some of our priority customers might not have access to a computer to access online information. They might not be able to read the leaflets we post through their door. They might not understand the language we write in. But they might trust a good neighbour or someone who runs a community group or place of worship they attend, and be grateful for the potentially life-changing information you have access to.

How to pledge your support

Click the relevant button below to pledge your support and download our handy information pack to pass onto a community member who may need extra support.

It’s packed full of information on gas and carbon monoxide safety, energy efficiency and specialist support available to our priority customers.




Hear from our people

“If someone is anxious about money, there’s such a wealth of information out there it can be overwhelming. We work with NGN to pass on simple information on energy efficiency that will help people save vital money on their gas bills.

Community Centre Manager - LS2Y

“Community spirit is so important to me. As a person with a disability, it really helps knowing that I can rely on other people nearby if I need support. Being on the Priority Services Register gives me peace of mind. I’d recommend other people sign up as soon as possible.” 


I moved to the UK from Hong Kong four months ago and I don’t know many people here. I rely on my local community centre and neighbours to give me more information to help me start a good life here in Leeds. 


I signed up to the Priority Services Register four months ago. My community centre mentioned I could get that support from NGN, because I had children under 5. It’s been really beneficial.


Popular questions

Priority customers are those whose circumstances have led to them needing extra support. Circumstances that may lead to vulnerability are varied, often transient and not always personally identified by the individual concerned. Hard to reach customers are people who, due to circumstances, are likely to miss, or not fully understand communication from us. This may be down to reasons such as, but not limited to, living circumstances, cognitive ability or language. Within these groups there is a specific category of customers who qualify for the Priority Services Register (PSR). The qualifying criteria includes people with disabilities, cognitive impairment, families with children under five, people aged 65 and over, people who don’t speak English as a first language. We recognise that some people may not want to be labelled as ‘vulnerable customers’, however the term allows us to discuss the topic openly and ensure that we’re doing everything we can to effectively support those who need help most.

We want to build community relationships to maximise our ability to reach those customers who most need our support. No one really cares about who their gas network is in day-to-day life, but finding out who we are in an emergency may be too late. By increasing awareness of the services that we provide, we can promote them more efficiently to those who will benefit. That’s why we’re asking you to get involved – if you can help us pass on these safety messages to customers, we can reach more people and make a real difference.

Yes, to order a printed copy, please click here and fill in your name and address so we can post one to you.

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