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Engineers from Northern Gas Networks are carrying out work to repair a damaged gas main this weekend in North Kirklees at the Frost Hill A62 junction with Bradford Road.

In order to carry out this essential work safely and efficiently, it has been necessary to install temporary four way traffic lights at the junction.

Wayne Stones, Network Officer, Northern Gas Networks, said:

“We’ve established the cause of the gas escape by using CCTV inside the mains and our engineers are working hard to repair the escape as soon as possible.

“We’d like to apologise to pedestrians and motorists for any inconvenience caused while these essential repairs are carried out. To minimise traffic congestion, we are manning the temporary traffic lights from 7am to 7pm to control the traffic flow. We hope to complete this essential emergency work before Monday morning’s rush hour.

“The safety of members of the public is always our first priority and we’d like to thank everyone for their cooperation.

“Anyone who smells gas should call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999.”