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Northern Gas Networks (NGN), the gas distribution company for the North of England has announced that it has reached over 650 students across the region with its innovative programme, ‘2021 In your hands’.

The Key Stage 3 programme, which consists of a classroom based workshop, launched in 2012/13 and was devised to promote awareness about the dangers of carbon monoxide (CO) and nurture an appreciation of the importance of gas safety, carbon reduction, recycling and sustainable living.

Developed by NGN in partnership with local schools and in conjunction with a student advisory board, ‘2021 In your hands’ is linked closely to the National Curriculum subjects of Geography and Science.

During the interactive sessions, students take part in a range of activities to assess their own carbon footprint and identify steps to reduce it as well as learning about the importance of recycling.

Student’s knowledge is measured before and after the workshops to gauge their understanding of important issues covered by the sessions. On average students understanding of the dangers of carbon monoxide has increased from 1 in 4 pupils to 87% following the workshops.

NGN has now taken the programme to 11 schools across the north of England, and recently visited Dixons City Academy in Bradford to deliver their latest workshop.

Claudia Fabian, a teacher at Dixons City Academy said: “The workshop went down very well and the students enjoyed all the activities. The content was very interesting and taught in a way that made the workshop fun and enjoyable.”

Claudia added: “It was interactive and allowed plenty of opportunities for independent and group learning.”

Eileen Brown, Head of Customer Experience at Northern Gas Networks said: “Our research discovered that teenagers were one of the groups most at risk of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, due to lack of awareness. We developed the ‘2021 In your hands’ programme to educate about the dangers of CO and how to prevent it as well as provide general gas safety advice and help teaching pupils about how to live sustainably.

“We have found that engaging with students early on in their lives means that not only are they more aware of their own environmental impact at home, acting as influencers with their parents and siblings, but that this vital education stays with them into adult life.  The CO element of the programme means that hundreds of children in our region are growing up with a lifelong understanding of the dangers.”

If you are interested in Northern Gas Networks’ ‘2021 In Your Hands’ workshops and would like to find out more, please email education@northerngas.co.uk for further information.

If you smell gas or suspect carbon monoxide call the National Gas Emergency service on 0800 111 999.