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The North of England’s gas distributer, Northern Gas Networks (NGN), is investing over £360,000 to safely dismantle and remove its gas compressor station at Chowdene Bank in Lamesley, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Dated: 27/05/2016 Antique Equipment at the Northern Gas Networks compressor site, Lamesley which is to be lost when part of the site is demolished. #NorthNewsAndPictures/2daymedia

The compressor house at Northern Gas Networks’ site in Lamesley, Newcastle.


The major project, which began on Friday 22 April 2016, will take 13 weeks to complete and is being carried out in conjunction with specialist partner, G O’Brien Group.


Gas compressors were once a vital part of the local gas system, responsible for supplying gas to thousands of people across the region.


Installed in 1969 and powered by two giant diesel engines each weighing 43 tons and measuring six metres in length, the Lamesley compressor station boosted the pressure of the gas in order to push it through the network. Travelling through an impressive maze of metal pipework, compressed gas was then directed to a nearby storage facility and released as required.

Dated: 27/05/2016 Antique Equipment at the Northern Gas Networks compressor site, Lamesley which is to be lost when part of the site is demolished. #NorthNewsAndPictures/2daymedia

The Northern Gas Networks compressor site at Lamesley


In its heyday, the Lamesley control room was manned round the clock by a team of operators monitoring banks of complex dials and switches.


Later it became possible to operate the site remotely and further advances in technology and the introduction of modern terminals saw the station fully decommissioned and the storage facility removed in 2013, as part of NGN’s continued investment in modernising the gas network.


The brick-built compressor house, its machinery, metal pipework and boiler house are now in the process of being safely taken down by hand by NGN’s specialist partners O’Brien Group.


NGN is committed to carrying out this work in an environmentally responsible way and will recycle as many materials from the site as possible.


Mark Johnson, from NGN’s Major Projects team said: “The decision has been made to dismantle the gas compressor station at Lamesley as it is no longer in use and costly to maintain.


“In its day, the site was an impressive feat of engineering and to build it would have taken a great deal of skill, knowledge and expertise. The compressor house once performed a vital role in the transportation of gas across the region, but thanks to advances in modern technology it’s no longer needed.


“We’re working with specialist contractor O’Brien Group to carry out the work in a safe and environmentally responsible way.”


For further information about the project please visit www.northerngasnetworks.co.uk or email customercare@northerngas.co.uk.


Anyone that smells gas or suspects Carbon Monoxide should call the National Gas Emergency Service immediately on 0800 111 999. This line is in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.