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Well it’s not quite a time for giving, but it won’t be long. But we have been giving, we’ve been giving paintings away and I’m relieved to say no one has given them back yet!

As you may be aware we are taking down gas holders (big things that look like swimming pools) because they are no longer needed. Without getting too technical, gas holders used to hold gas, then feed it into our vast network of pipes which supply customers homes, then store it again, which is why they went up and down. But now we have a different system that uses pipes and valves. Interestingly, the pipes are cadmium yellow, which has just a hint of orange.

Because of this very function (the giving away bit) they had to be situated in residential and industrial areas. As a result, when it comes to the dismantling we have to rely heavily on the cooperation of the residents surrounding the site, remember I said they were big! So NGN being NGN we like to give something back, in this case paintings, which is handy, because we have a community artist, me!

Below are some photos of the paintings we gave away to the site residents of Penrith. The first two are paintings at Castle Park Penrith, (it’s a park with a castle in it) and the final one is a painting I made of a holder demolition.

Thanks to Richard Dawson and Mark Johnson for organising this.

Until next time.

Penrith gas holder

Penrith gas holder paintings

Penrith Castle

Penrith gas holder