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Urgent gas incident
Loss of supply, Knaresborough

If you smell gas or are worried about gas safety, call 0800 111 999 at any time of the day or night. Read more

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Loss of supply, Knaresborough

Incident drop in

Collingham AFC

Opening hours - 8:00am - 11:00pm

We’re aware that some customers in the Crag Lane area of Knaresborough are currently without gas due to third party damage to a gas main. Our teams have made the situation safe and are working hard to safely restore the supply as soon as possible.

Work schedule

Making the situation safe
Turning supply off at the meter
Repairing the pipe
Introducing gas back into the network
Turning your gas back on at the meter
Engineers have isolated the gas supply and made the situation safe.
Our engineers are now going door to door to turn off the gas supply to all affected properties at the meter
Once the gas supply to all affected properties has been safely turned off at the meter work can begin to repair the pipe.
Once the repair has been safely completed we will restore gas supplies to the network.
Once gas is back in the network our engineers will then revisit your property to safely turn your gas back on at the meter.

Latest updates

09/12/2022 10:00 am
Update: Loss of supply – Collingham

Around 250 properties in Kingfisher Reach Collingham are currently without gas after a third party damaged a gas main yesterday.

Northern Gas Networks engineers responded to reports of no gas supply and immediately made the situation safe by isolating the gas supply to the network.

Over 100 customers have been visited by an engineer to turned off their gas supply at the meter, and NGN is asking anyone who haven’t been visited to call the NGN Customer Care team on 0800 040 7766 and select option 3 so that they can send an engineer straight out to support.

Once everyone has been safely turned off gas at the meter work can begin to repair the pipe and restore the gas supply.

NGN Site Manager John Smith said: “We are working to ensure supplies are returned as quickly as possible. We’ve made really good progress in less than 24 hours and we’d like to thank customers for their support.”

NGN has opened a customer support centre at Collingham AFC where customers can get help and advice and collect alternative cooking and heating facilities while they are without gas.

Free food vouchers are also available to be redeemed from local restaurants The Italian Job, Meg’s Fish & Chips and The Olive Grove.

If you or a neighbour require additional support while you are without gas, please contact the NGN team on site or call us on 0800 040 7766 and select option 3 so that we can help.

Anyone who smells gas should call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999.

We will be providing regular updates here on our website and on Twitter @NGNgas and Facebook Facebook.com/northerngasnetworks

  • Map of area affected
  • Help for Affected Residents

    • Heaters & Hot Plates

      You can collect heaters and hotplates from our customer support centre to use while you are without gas. Please use these sparingly to avoid overloading the electricity grid and causing a power cut.

    • Food Vouchers

      Free food vouchers will be available to collect from our customer support centre for customers who are without gas. They can be redeemed at local restaurants The Italian Job, Meg's Fish & Chips and The Olive Grove. Hot food is also available from a food van on site.

    • Food Delivery

      If you or a neighbour are unable to collect free food vouchers from our customer support centre speak to a member of the team on site or give our Customer Care team a call on 0800 040 7766, option 3 and they will arrange for hot food to be delivered to your door.

    • Accommodation

      Leeds City Council are supporting NGN with temporary accommodation for customers Please contact the Customer Care team for more info.

    • Showering Facilities

      Shower facilities are available at Collingham AFC on Recreation Lane where customers can get a free hot shower. Please show proof of address on arrival so that the staff can identify you. The leisure centre is open from 8am - 10pm daily.

  • Frequently asked questions
    What's going on?
    What’s going on?

    Around 250 properties in the Kingfisher Reach area of Collingham currently without a gas supply after a third party damaged a gas main on Thursday (8 December).

    Engineers from Northern Gas Networks immediately arrived on site and made the situation safe and have been working around the clock to restore supplies to normal.

    Where can I find out the latest information?

    We’re providing regular updates here on our website as well as Twitter  @NGNgas and Facebook Facebook.com/northerngasnetworks.

    How long will it take before the situation is resolved?

    In order to restore gas supplies as quickly and safely as possible we need all affected customers to turn off their gas at the meter.

    We’re supporting those customers who need additional help with this process.  So far 700 customers have safely turned off their gas supplies and our engineers are now supporting the remaining customers to turn off their gas at the meter.  Once this is complete we will begin work to repair the pipe.  Once the repair is complete we will be back in touch with customers to ask them to turn their gas back on at the meter.  It’s really important that no one turns their gas back on until we give the instruction to go ahead.

    Gas safety
    What do I do if I smell gas?

    If you smell gas or suspect carbon monoxide poisoning you must call the National Gas Emergency Service immediately on 0800 111 999

    Getting in touch
    How can I speak to someone?

    Customers can visit NGN’s customer support centre located in at Collingham AFC or call Northern Gas Networks’ Customer Care team on 0800 040 7766 followed by option 3.  Alternatively email customercare@northerngas.co.uk.

    Working together
    What organisations are you working with to provide support?

    Northern Gas Networks is working closely with Leeds City Council to provide advice and assistance to customers affected.

    Additional support
    What support is available for customers who need additional help?

    A customer support centre is located at Collingham AFC  where NGN is providing help and advice.

    NGN is continuing to provide customers with electric heaters and hot plates and free food vouchers to redeem at local takeaways and a food van on site while they were without gas.

    How do I use my electric heater and hotplate safely?

    The use of these appliances will increase demand on your local electricity network. The electricity network is designed to deliver the amount of power customers normally use over a course of a day, however any exceptionally high demand for power as a result of many additional heaters being used continuously, could have an impact.

    If the electricity network is significantly overloaded it could cause damage and result in a power cut for you and your neighbours which may take some time to repair.

    To help reduce the risk of this happening, particularly at a time when our customers are also temporarily without gas, please ensure you:

    • minimise the use of appliances and switch off or unplug any electrical equipment that you do not need and heat only essential rooms,
    • stagger the use of high-demand electrical appliances such as cookers, heaters, kettles, immersion heaters, electric showers, dishwashers, tumble driers and washing machines.

    If you do have a power cut, regardless of who you choose to buy your electricity from you, please contact your local electricity distribution company.  They are available 24-hours a day by calling 105, the free power cut line, or visiting www.powercut105.com

    Advice to customers on the use of electric heaters

    The electric heaters that we are providing to customers in Harrogate are fitted with a safety device and will switch off if the air intake or outer grilles are obstructed, for instance if they are placed too close to furnishings like curtains. If you unplug the heater for a few minutes and remove the obstruction they will re-set and work as normal. Please read the instructions in the box before use.

    Am I entitled to compensation?

    Compensation will be paid to eligible customers at £60 per property for every 24 hours without gas in the network.  Payments will be calculated and made automatically through your gas supplier and will appear on your energy bill.

  • X
    Please turn off your gas immediately
    Why you need to do this

    We’re currently investigating a problem which affects your gas supply. So that we can do this as quickly and safely as possible, we need you to turn off your gas. If you are unsure about anything or require additional help, please call us on 0800 040 7766 and we will arrange for an engineer to come straight out.


    Smell gas?

    If you smell gas, call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999 straight away.

    Step 1

    Turn off your gas appliances

    Before you start, you must turn off your gas appliances. This might include your central heating boiler, fireplace, hob, or oven.

    Step 2

    Locate your gas meter

    Your gas meter is usually contained in a large square box. It will feature a digital display, rotating dials or clock-style dials. You should be able to find your meter outside of your property or in your garage. It could also be inside your home, perhaps under the stairs or in a kitchen cupboard. If you live in a block of flats our engineers will turn off your supply for you.

    Step 3

    Open your meter box

    If your meter is in a box, you might need a key to open it. The key is usually quite small and looks a little like a radiator key, but with a triangular-shaped hole. If you can't find your meter key, don’t worry, give our Customer Care team a call on 0800 040 7766, option 3 and they will be able to help.

    Step 4

    Turn off your gas supply

    The next step is to turn off your gas supply. Look for a spanner-style handle, as shown in the diagram below. This is the emergency control valve. You need to give this a quarter turn so that it's at a right angle with the gas pipe.

    There may be yellow tape on the pipe to guide you, but don’t worry if there isn’t. The lever can sometimes be a little stiff and difficult to turn.

    If you are unsure about how to do this watch the short video which explains the steps you need to take.

    Step 5

    Let us know if you have turned off your gas supply

    Display one of the labels from your letter in your window or door to let us know:
    a) that you have turned off your gas successfully (use the purple label); or
    b) that you don’t have a gas meter (use the blue label); or
    c) that you’ve been unable to turn off your gas, or you’re worried that you have done this incorrectly
    (use the green label and call our Customer Care team on 0800 040 7766 so that we can arrange for
    one of our engineers to visit your property to take a look for you. For your safety, please ask to see the engineer’s identity card before allowing them into your home.)

    Step 6

    Keep your meter turned off until we've solved the problem

    To stay safe, please keep your meter turned off until we’ve solved the problem. To avoid overloading the electricity network, please keep your electricity use to a minimum at this time.

    Rest assured that we will work as quickly as possible – and we will be in touch just as soon as your gas is available again.