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Heaters and hot plates

You can collect heaters and hot plated from our customer support centre to use while you are without gas. Please use this sparingly to avoid overloading the electricity grid and causing a power cut.

Food vouchers

Free food vouchers will be available to collect from our customer support centre for customers who are without gas. They can be redeemed at local restaurants The Italian Job, Meg’s Fish & Chips and The Olive Grove. Hot food is also available from a food van on site.

Food delivery

If you or a neighbour are unable to collect free food vouchers from our customer support centre speak to a member of the team on site or give our Customer Care team a call on 0800 040 7766, option 3 and they will arrange for hot food to be delivered to your door.


Leeds City Council are supporting NGN with temporary accommodation for customers Please contact the Customer Care team for more info.


Shower facilities are available at Collingham AFC on Recreation Lane where customers can get a free hot shower. Please show proof of address on arrival so that the staff can identify you. The leisure centre is open from 8am – 10pm daily.


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Around 3,000 properties in the HG1, HG2, HG3 and HG4 postcode areas of Harrogate are currently impacted following a large gas escape on a gas pipe on the Ripon Road on Friday afternoon (15 October 2021). 

Engineers from Northern Gas Networks safely shut down the gas escape on Friday night and have been working around the clock to restore supplies to normal. 

We’re providing regular updates here on our website as well as Twitter and Facebook. Click here to find out the latest information. This FAQ sheet gives information about the help that is available. 

Repairs are now complete and work to safely restore supplies is progressing well.   Click here to find out the latest information. 

Customers can call Northern Gas Networks’ Customer Care team on 0800 040 7766 followed by option 3 or email customercare@northerngas.co.uk. 

If you smell gas or suspect carbon monoxide poisoning you must call the National Gas Emergency Service immediately on 0800 111 999.

Compensation will be paid to eligible customers at £60 per property for every 24 hours without gas in the network.  Payments will be calculated and made automatically through your gas supplier and will appear on your energy bill. 

The customer support centre at the Styan Centre in Grantley Drive, HG3 2XU, has now closed, however Northern Gas Networks engineers are still on site, supporting people in switching on their gas and will be visiting everyone to make sure they are safely reconnected to the supply. 

Northern Gas Networks provided customers with electric heaters and hot plates and food vouchers to redeem at local takeaways and a food van on site while they were without gas. 

The use of these appliances will increase demand on your local electricity network. The electricity network is designed to deliver the amount of power customers normally use over a course of a day, however any exceptionally high demand for power as a result of many additional heaters being used continuously, could have an impact. 

If the electricity network is significantly overloaded it could cause damage and result in a power cut for you and your neighbours which may take some time to repair. 

To help reduce the risk of this happening, particularly at a time when our customers are also temporarily without gas, please ensure you: 

  • minimise the use of appliances and switch off or unplug any electrical equipment that you do not need and heat only essential rooms, 
  • stagger the use of high-demand electrical appliances such as cookers, heaters, kettles, immersion heaters, electric showers, dishwashers, tumble driers and washing machines. 

If you do have a power cut, regardless of who you choose to buy your electricity from you, please contact your local electricity distribution company.  They are available 24-hours a day by calling 105, the free power cut line, or visiting www.powercut105.com 

The electric heaters that we are providing to customers in Harrogate are fitted with a safety device and will switch off if the air intake or outer grilles are obstructed, for instance if they are placed too close to furnishings like curtains. If you unplug the heater for a few minutes and remove the obstruction they will re-set and work as normal. Please read the instructions in the box before use. 

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